Technical support is only available via email/customer care number. and AMJOBZ will work to respond to all requests within 7working days.

There is no fee or commission for enrollment. If anyone would like to buy a product from AMJOBZ, they have to make the payment directly to the company’s account. (cash deposits may be avoided). Register the details of grievances/ complaint in the company website which will be acknowledged by SMS with AMZ ID Number within a day or two. If the complainant did not receive the SMS within 5 working days, the person should remind the company through customer care number or by company email to expedite action. When an affiliate(s) has a grievance or complaint with other affiliate(s) regarding any trade practice or conduct in relationship to their respective AMJOBZ Businesses, the complaining affiliate(s) should first discuss the problem directly with the other affiliate(s) and to arrive at an amicable settlement of the issue. If this attempt did not materialize, the aggrieved affiliate(s) should report the problem to his/her Upline Affiliate (Sponsor) to resolve the issue at a local level. If the matter cannot be resolved within thirty (30) days from the date on which it was reported to the upline sponsor, it must be reported in writing to Grievance Manager of the AMJOBZ GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL DEPARTMENT. The GRIEVANCE MANAGER will review the complaints and make a final decision at the earliest at any rate within one week.


Upon receipt of a written complaints, the AMJOBZ GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL DEPARTMENT will investigate in to the matter, review the applicable policies and render necessary assistants to resolve the dispute.

The GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL DEPARTMENT may also initiate appropriate disciplinary proceedings consistent with the provisions of Section16 and other rules and regulations applicable. AMJOBZ GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL DEPARTMENT’s decision will be final and binding on the Affiliates involved in the dispute.

In addition to the above, there will be a Grievance Redressal Committee as per DSG 2016 consists of 4 officers of the Direct Selling Entity (M/s. Amjobzglobal e- Commerce PVT LTD):

In case of any deficiency of service the agreed party can lodge the complaints to Amjobz Grievance Redressal Committee and on receipt of such complaints the committee shall as soon as possible at any rate within a week of the receipt of the complaints inform the complainant of the action taken in to matter to redress the grievance.

All Grievances and Complaints shall be attended timely and will be redressed within a maximum period of 45 days to the satisfaction of the party.

In case of any grievance with the service

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