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Let’s unfold the success story of Amjobz Group of Companies  
Like said earlier “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”.
Amjobz has started in UAE on 2015 a need from enthusiasts all over the globe to establish a good digital marketing platform. The company kick started with 11 (eleven) Venture Capitalists (VCs). After establishing the roots and gaining momentum, company has now got 25 VCs and Dr. Adil Sakhi Al Balushi as Global chairman.
Unlike other so called marketing establishments, Amjobz holds the credibility in its creation through a good number of Management Team, which assures the long term consistency of business.
Amjobz Group of Companies include
1)    Amjobz e-Marketing Ventures, Dubai – established on 25th Oct 2015
2)    Amjobzglobal e-commerce PVT Ltd, India – established on 5th July 2016
3)    Amwebz Limited, UK – Established on 23rd Nov 2016
4)    Amjobzglobal Nigeria Ltd, Africa – Established on 7th may 2018
These companies have established to provide online digital services.
They have handled
Ø  Social media promotions
Ø  Company listing
Ø  Ecommerce Website Development
Ø  SEO Marketing
Ø  Logo creations etc.
By using the wide possibility of internet, Amjobz Group has provided support and service to a very good number of companies which helped to build reputation and fame in the traditional business sector.
Thus Amjobz company listing turned itself into a Digital Directory which excelled the profile, products & services of companies. In other words, Amjobz became a true business partner in Traditional marketing sector. Amjobz supported companies in endeavouring their business goals.
 The Birth of AMZ (Amsy) Market 
Amjobz has started as a traditional Digital marketing company to provide services and support. Apart from traditional marketing, the "Word of Mouth (WoM)" marketing has its own intensity. Hence Amjobz has decided to step into Trillion Dollars Industry of Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing.
On 9th Jan 2019 https://amzmarketonline.com has launched globally as a wing of Amjobz to pave the fruitful story of success in common man’s life. Yes, MLM is such an opportunity to provide an extra income or main income in a common man’s life without hassles.
Now over with 2900 Affiliates the success of AMZ Market is in pursuit. When started products based business, Amjobz focused to provide health and wellness products to provide a quality life and consumers getting products based on value for money.
Apart from other so called MLM Health products, AMZ products gave good results at a very reasonable price together with an astonishing income plan. Which includes Retail Income, Group Matching Bonus, Repurchase Bonus, Rewards, Rank & Recognitions and even Club Membership income plans.
The perfect Business strategy and goal oriented commitment helped AMZ to arouse it’ roots in many countries. Now we have Business in India, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Poland, Canada, UK, Philippines, Israel, Oman, UAE & Africa.
In this world of undisputed life, you can be what you want to be. We are here to help you, to support You. Let’s do the smart work. Let’s use this opportunity.
 Let’s Start Together | Let’s Earn Together | Let’s Grow Together




"Shape the future by creating extraordinary value and opportunity for the people who wish to turn from a normal person to an entrepreneur. Starting a journey of success along with reducing the unemployment situation"

MISSION 2022 - 1 Million Affiliates/Customers and 1 Million Franchises Worldwide.

MISSION 2030 - One among the top leading market in the world.




Our VISION is to meet the increasing demand of the businesses to find a worldwide platform to maximize the sales volume of their products and services at a very low cost, and for the customers to find what they need in a best quality and a competitive price.