PBC + Beard oil -1no


Product Name / Code : PBC + Beard oil -1no
Product Price : 0
Product PV : 95
Products Desciption

Major Ingredients:

Sesbania Grandiflora

Asparagus Racemosus


Cocos Nucifera

Sesame Oil

Cabbage rose extract


Store at room temperature (25° C) content may freeze below 24° C. In the event place bottle in warm water before use


Take 5-10 drops and apply on beard/moustache using your finger tips/comb/brush. Massage and leave it on or wash off gently.

Use brush or comb for styling.


Moisturizes facial hair

Rich & Classy Look

Make hair shiny

Strengthens hair roots

Prevent skin dryness

For external use only