Liver Jhontee (60 caps)-1no


Product Name / Code : Liver Jhontee (60 caps)-1no
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Product PV : 90
Products Desciption

Liver- johntee premium LIVER  SUPPLEMENT, 100 % NATURAL & organic

Ingredients ( Each 0.5 g contains )  :

Boerhaavia diffusa

Picrorrhiza kurrova

Centella asiatica

Thepesia populnea

Johntee-  is a Liver friendly food supplement suitable for all age groups.

It is very effective for , fatty Liver , hepatitis, Liver cirrhosis and Liver related problems such as aid to compact the ill effects of alcohol  consumption.

*Daily usage of  johntee- controls cholesterol  level  and enhances immunity.

*Johntee- corrects mal functions of liver and protects it from  the adversaries.

*Johntee - protects and rejuvenate and  maintain its vital functioning

Recommended  Dosage 1-2 Capsules twice a day before food 

* ( 36 months  expiry  from the manufacturing )