NEW advanced fruit stem cell P5 300gm -1no


Product Name / Code : NEW advanced fruit stem cell P5 300gm -1no
Product Price : 0
Product PV : 130
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ADVANCE FRUIT STEM CELL P5                                                           CELL REJUVENATROR

 (PV 130 - DP Rs.2700- MRP2999)                                                             BODY CLEANSER


Serving Per Container 300gms  :  In 10gm Powder Contains


Malus Domestica-Green Apple Stem Cell -2.5gm

Vitis Vinifera- Green Grape Stem Cell -2.5gm

Cow Colostrum-2gm

Acai Berry & Blueberry-2gm


Kiwi  & Wild Blueberry Ext. - 1gm


STEM CELL -P5 Is An Advanced Anti - Aging Solution.


  •  Prevents Cancer Risk, Alzheimer, Asthma.
  • Support to Nerves system, Blood Pressure.
  • Support to well Brain functioning, improve collagen level & Bone Strength.
  • Supporting LDL Cholesterol accumulation.
  • Support to weight loss & Improve digestion.
  • Helps to Menstrual pain.
  • Protecting from DNA Damage and clean out Toxins.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Delay aging and make good glowing skin.
  • Fight Antifungal Detoxifying from liver, Kidney, digestive system.
  • Skin disease, Pimple, Eye Dark circle & Hair Growth.
  • Support to Colitis Cancer
  • Power pack of Multi vitamin & Minerals in Cow Colostrums.
  • Highest nutrition, Powerful Anti Oxidant anti tumor , Anti agent ,
  • Heart Health, Urinary tract, Level Purifier
  • Help to cyst, fibroid, Fever easily &  smooth even taken regularly



2-3 Gm Twice Or Thrice A Day Of The Powder Can Be Mixed With Juice, Vegetable Soup Or Simple Water Etc & Advised To Be Taken Morning  Half An Hour Before Meal


(If You Are Pregnant, Nursing Or Taking Any Medication – Consult A Health Care Professional Before Use)

Please Continue For 6-12 Months Regularly For Optimum Results.

(Dietary food supplement)